ESOL Matrix -

ESOL Endorsement Standards
1.Culture (Cross-Cultural Communications)
1.1 Culture as a factor in ELLs's Learning
2.Language and Literacy (Applied Linguistics)
2.1 Language as a System
2.2 Language Acquisition and Development
2.3 Second Language Literacy Development
3.Methods of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
3.1 ESL/ESOL Research and History
3.2 Standards-Based ESL and Content Instruction
3.3 Effective Use of Resources and Technologies
4.ESOL Curriculum and Materials Development
4.1 Planning for Standards-Based Instruction of ELLs
4.2 Instructional Resources and Technology
5.Assessment (ESOL Testing and Evaluation)
5.1 Assessment Issues for ELLs
5.2 Language Proficiency Assessment
5.3 Classroom-Based Assessment for ELLs