425Exceptional Education B.S. ESOL Infusion - RED 4519

RED 4519

The activity descriptions provided in this summary of ESOL infused activities or assignments is intended to provide you with information about what pieces of evidence you may include in your TESOL-in-Progress notebook. It thus concentrates on the ESOL component of the activity or assignment, and may not reflect all portions of each class assignment or activity. Carefully read through the entire assignment description in your syllabus to ensure that you fulfill all assignment requirements for this course.


ESOL Performance Standard(s) and Indicator(s)1.1, 2.3, 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3
Activity ObjectiveAssessment and Instructional Plan
Activity DescriptionStudent will select an appropriate assessment tool for a reading component area and administer the assessment with a school-aged child. Student will interpret the results of each assessment, determine the student¡¯s level of achievement and motivation, develop and implement a relevant instructional plan, including a post assessment and plan for post assessment related to the instructional plan. Student will identify appropriate ELL accommodations in the instructional plan.
ESOL-specific Reading(s)Marinaccio-Eckel, P. & Donahue, J. (2009). The critical role of guided oral reading for English language learners. Essential Teacher, 6(3-4). Retrieved from https://www.tesol.org/read-and-publish/journals/other-serial-publications/compleat-links/compleat-links-volume-6-issue-3-4-(october-2009)/the-critical-role-of-guided-oral-reading-for-english-language-learners
Generic Syllabus URLhttp://education.ucf.edu/stll/syllabus.cfm
Detailed Assignment Description URLN/A
Electronic Portfolio AssessmentYES